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How pediatric mental health conditions impact employees’ work performance

In a 2022 Parents’ Work Performance survey:​

  • 53% of employees surveyed reported missing at least 1 day of work a month due to their child’s mental health issues​
  • 56% reported that at least one of their children had a mental health condition​
  • 54% reported that their child’s mental health interrupted their work-day at least once a month​
  • 71% reported that these stresses made their jobs harder to handle​

Greater access to resources and treatment can reduce employee stress and improve performance.​

Mother and teenage daughter spending time together and mother advising her daughter who looks serious.

PM Behavioral Health@Work offers a seamless solution for organizations looking to provide best-in-class mental health support to their employees and their families.​

For Employers

Great leaders take care of their team. That’s why Behavioral Health@Work gives you ways to offer effective and accessible mental health care for the people in your company. Click here to learn more about providing mental health benefits to your employees and their dependents.

For Employees

If your workplace offers Behavioral Health@Work benefits, you belong to an organization that values its employees and believes in comprehensive wellness. Being healthy means taking care of the mind and soul, as well as the body. Click here to discover how Behavioral Health@Work can help you and/or your dependents in supporting your mental health.

Why Choose PM Behavioral Health@Work?​

  1. -We are focused on the care of the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral. With our longstanding primary care connections, we take a 360-degree approach to each patient’s wellness, whether that’s at home, at school, and now at work – we are everywhere you’ll ever need us.​
  2. -Mental health support is essential for a business as a whole. Employers are seeing high turnover rates, decreased work performance, and increased absenteeism due to both employees’ and their family’s mental health.
  3. -Workplace productivity decreased by 35% when depression goes untreated, contributing to an estimated $210.5 billion loss to the US economy each year in absenteeism, medical loss, and reduced productivity. (Data supplied by the American Psychiatric Association)
  4. -Building a culture of awareness at your company will help break the stigmas around mental health and create a workplace that fosters healing and growth, helping more people to thrive.​