About Us

    Professional Partnerships

    Our focus is on every aspect of your child’s mind and body.

    From urgent care pediatricians, to child psychologists and behavioral therapists, to social workers and school staff, our team is your team, whenever and wherever you need us.


    We believe children and young adults should have a medical home, and we view our relationship with the local pediatricians as a partnership, working to provide the best care possible.

    PM Pediatric Care offers a convenient and comfortable after-hours care alternative to the Emergency Department for patients who need to be seen when their pediatrician is unavailable, or for services their physician may not provide. We do not offer wellness visits, physicals, school checkups, immunizations or scheduled appointments. PM Pediatric Care believes these services should be performed by a patient’s primary care physician.

    PM Pediatric Care is designed to complement a patient’s primary care physician, with services that include the following:

    An electronic copy of the patient’s medical record, discharge instructions and any other pertinent information to the primary care physician.
    Instructions for each patient to follow up with their primary care physician.
    On-site digital X-ray and a lab at each location.