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School Health Program

A Collaboration to Optimize Learning

We know that academic performance strongly correlates with optimal student health.

Our goal is to help schools keep children, teens, and adolescents healthy and thriving, so that students can focus successfully on academics. That’s why the PM Pediatric Care school health team developed a program to partner with school nurses, counselors, and district personnel to deliver quality physical, mental, and behavioral health services to schools.

We take our responsibility to partner with the communities we serve seriously as we seek to bridge the gap in healthcare between home and school for each student, family, and caregiver. Our evidence-based, comprehensive care includes close collaboration and a seamless exchange of information with students’ families and pediatricians.

Our program includes:

  • Physical & behavioral health services
  • Virtual and on-site appointments
  • Professional development for staff
  • Educational modules and newsletter for parents & students
  • Consultations for developing custom programs
  • Grant and funding application support

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How we can help

Our team of board-certified pediatric physicians, nurse practitioners, child and adolescent psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and care managers, work together with schools to:

  • Provide equitable healthcare access for pre-k through college-aged students
  • Decrease student absences & promote graduation rates
  • Improve early interventions and reduce high risk behaviors
  • Reduce the stigma of accessing health care
  • Lower use of emergency room
  • Improve ability for parents to stay at work

75% of our visits result in students successfully returning to class.

Currently partnering with 17 school districts and serving over 100,000 students

Behavioral & Mental Heath Services

From depression to ADHD, and PTSD to school & social anxiety, our pediatric behavioral health specialists address a range of concerns through crisis consultation and intervention, therapy, and parent coaching.

Support for school counselors and social workers may include:

  • Early identification with validated screening tools, early intervention of minor conditions, and the evaluation and treatment of more moderate conditions.
  • Collaboration with the school, a student’s family/ caregiver, and primary care pediatrician.
  • Translation services to ensure all families are well-informed and able to access direct communication.
  • School Mental Health Consultation & Crisis Program: same day / next day crisis consultation and management for students who are referred by school staff.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric consultations and prescription of mental health medications if needed.
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Physical School Health Resources via Telemedicine

Highly trained pediatric health specialists provide on-demand telehealth services during school hours to treat common pediatric conditions. Our telemedicine platform is easy-to-use, reliable, and offers ability for schools to have students remain on-site.

Program benefits:

  • Assists school health staff with diagnosis and treatment of mild injuries and illnesses including cough & cold symptoms, respiratory infections, pink eye, stomach aches, skin rashes, seasonal allergies, and more.
  • Reduces the need for parental pickups or student absences.
  • Improves access to care for students who do not have an identified medical home.
  • Parents can join these visits from where they are.
  • Reduces Emergency Room utilization for common medical conditions.
  • PM Pediatric Care has been an outstanding partner of the Baldwin Schools Wellness Center. Their team has played a pivotal role in delivering essential behavioral health services to our students and families.
    Anthony Mignella  - Asst. Superintendent for Instruction, Baldwin UFSD
  • The partnership has been extremely helpful assisting our students experiencing a mental health crisis. [The behavioral health specialists] are highly skilled and responsive, supporting our schools mental health needs in a timely manner.
    Joanne Pisani  - Director of Student Services, Connetquot Central School District
  • It has truly been a pleasure and privilege partnering with you and your staff. The psychiatric evaluations conducted and prepared by [your psychiatrist] have been outstanding, as has your responsiveness and support to our district.
    Pupil Personnel Director, Partner District
  • I’d like to express my gratitude for [your therapist], who has gone above and beyond to ensure our scholars get the help they need. She is kind-hearted and empathetic, and this is reflected in the impact she has had on my scholars.
    Elizabeth Rosche  - Guidance Counselor, Baldwin North Middle School
  • PM Pediatric Care has been wonderful to work with. All questions are responded to very quickly which helps our flow to keep moving.
    Lori Huber  - Special Education / PPS, Riverhead Central School District

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