PM Pediatric Care At Your Child's School

    PM Pediatric Care, the nation’s largest provider of pediatric urgent care, now offers School Health at your child’s school.

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    PM School Health provides physical & mental health services via telemedicine in select schools nationwide.

    PM School Health provides specialized pediatric telehealth services in your schools to help support your children’s well-being. We are committed to improving healthcare access to ensure health equity and are excited to partner with you in managing your student’s healthcare needs.

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    Physical Health Services

    Our highly trained School Health pediatric experts are available in the event your student needs to be seen for an urgent care visit while in school. We can evaluate and manage many common pediatric illnesses that would otherwise require parents/guardians to pick up children from school or prevent children from attending school. These include:

      • Cough and cold symptoms
      • Respiratory Infections
      • Flu
      • Pink eye/ conjunctivitis
      • Stomach/ vomiting/diarrhea
      • Fever
      • Skin rashes
      • Seasonal allergies
      • Pink eye/ conjunctivitis
      • Injury Consultation

    Behavioral Health Services

    Our behavioral health program connects students with one of PM Behavioral Health’s licensed pediatric mental health experts over a teletherapy visit at the request of the school initiator. We provide social and emotional support for students to optimize their learning potential. Our therapists will meet with students to assess their needs and provide a plan of care. In most cases students will be seen for 2-5 visits to provide education and skills to improve their social emotional health. If more services are required, we will work with families to connect them with resources in the community. PM School Health Behavioral Health is available to children and young adults in grades K-12 for non-emergency mental health conditions including:

      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • ADD/ADHD
      • OCD
      • PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
      • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
      • Conduct Disorders
      • School Avoidance and Academic Concerns
      • Family Issues
      • Grief support

    Enrollment and consent must be completed prior to your child(ren) visiting the school health office. Consent may be removed at any time by request.

    Check to see if your school is enrolled