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School Health Program

A Collaboration to Optimize Learning

About PM Pediatric Care School Health Resources

PM Pediatric Care’s team of School Health experts partner with school nurses, counselors, and district personnel to deliver quality physical, mental, and behavioral health services. Our goal is to help schools keep children, teens, and adolescents healthy and well, so that students can focus successfully on academics. We understand the concerns of families and parents, and we work to deliver the best care and resources for students.

We take our responsibility to partner with the communities we serve seriously. Our mission seeks to bridge the gap in healthcare between home and school for each student, family, and caregiver. Our high-quality comprehensive care includes close collaboration and a seamless exchange of information with students’ families and pediatricians.

Our programs, led by board-certified pediatric physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, child and adolescent psychologists, therapists, and care managers, work together with schools to help:

  • Maximize learning and academic achievement
  • Reduce health-related absences
  • Improve disciplinary issues and suspension rates
  • Intervene early and address Behavioral Health concerns