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    We are medical and behavioral health professionals who are passionate about pediatric care.

    At PM Pediatric Care, we provide the highest quality care in a welcoming, child-friendly environment. Our employees deliver impeccable customer service and treat our patients like family.

    We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team as we continue to expand and open new locations. With inclusivity at our core, we look for people who are motivated, energetic, fun, passionate about pediatric healthcare, and share our values. From immediate injury and illness treatment to long-term behavioral support, we believe children deserve convenient access to high-quality, pediatric care, right in the communities where they live. Join us in our mission for compassionate healthcare.

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    PM Pediatric Care’s dedication to changing the landscape of pediatric care unites our team at every level.

    The diverse array of people who create PM Pediatric Care is what makes us special. The care, attention, and expertise we give our patients translates to the way our colleagues treat each other. We provide a supportive and inclusive culture that values ongoing learning, mentorship, upward growth, and compassion at all times.

    Our Values

    As the #1 Pediatric Urgent Care in the nation, these core values guide our mission every step of the way as we revolutionize healthcare:


    Whether we’re engaging with colleagues, patients, vendors, supervisors, insurance companies, or primary care physicians, we always uphold honesty, consistency, and follow-through.


    Our patients are more than just data. We like to think of each patient as a friend of the family, and we treat them as such, ensuring they receive attentive, individualized care that meets our above-and-beyond standards.


    It is only when we show respect to every single person that we can truly foster a culture of inclusivity. When you’re a part of our team, expect to be treated with dignity and acknowledged for your contributions to the company’s success. We extend the same respect to our patients and their families.


    We’re on the cutting edge of pediatric care and technology. We’re always striving to innovate and improve our best practices, approaches, and processes. We value feedback from our team and encourage an open, two-way dialogue as we continue to grow together.


    Healthcare can be a demanding industry, and we believe that balancing intensity with fun is important for our team’s well-being and longevity.


    We understand the importance of acknowledging the invaluable efforts of our employees. As part of our recognition program, we partner with Bonusly, which allows employees to publicly honor and reward each other. These “PM Points” celebrate success, notable contributions, and appreciation in a candid, social way, and the points can be redeemed for gift cards or converted into charitable donations.

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

    At PM Pediatric Care, we are committed to creating and maintaining a culture where inclusiveness is ingrained at all levels of the company and practiced daily. Our people, and how they treat each other, makes us a great company, and we’re committed to celebrating the unique life experiences that each individual brings to the office every day. We do this by creating a diverse workplace that supports safe listening, empowers advocacy, and encourages employee-led DEI working groups to monitor/advise leadership about areas of need.

    Our Offices

    As a fast-growing company with offices throughout the country, we understand the importance of creating fun, dynamic “mini cultures” in each of our offices. Our local leaders do an exceptional job of making our teams feel like a PM family. Whether we’re celebrating company wins, personal milestones, holidays, or positive patient reviews, each of our offices cultivates its own unique bond and culture.