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Our commitment to safer care through antibiotic stewardship

Your child’s health and safety is our top priority, and at PM pediatric Care, we aim to provide the best possible treatment for your child. 

As supported by the CDC, we are committed to antibiotic stewardship, which means that antibiotics should only be used when a bacterial infection is known or suspected.  

Did you know that antibiotics only fight infections caused by certain bacteria? Taking antibiotics when you have a virus (a different class of germs) can do more harm than good and can give bacteria a chance to become resistant, which means that antibiotics might not work when you really do need them.

That’s right — if a bacterial infection is not the cause of your child’s condition, taking antibiotics will not help your child improve; it could even cause harm. 

We are dedicated to prescribing antibiotics only when they are needed. If your child is not prescribed an antibiotic during your visit with us, please know there may be good reason for this. Instead, feel free to ask what you can do to help your child feel better and/or get relief from their symptoms.

Common Reasons Your Provider May Prescribe an Antibiotic:

Your provider will prescribe an antibiotic if you have tested positive for a bacterial infection, or if you are suspected to have one. Common infections that require antibiotics include:

PM Pediatric Care is proud of our high standard of care, as evidenced by our UCA Accreditation and commendation for antibiotic stewardship.