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Meet our team of behavioral health experts

Your child’s mental health is our top priority

As nationally recognized pediatric experts, PM Pediatric Care knows there’s nothing more urgent than the mental health of today’s youth.

Our team of licensed pediatric mental health specialists offers a uniquely collaborative, compassionate and evidence-based approach to address the increased need for mental and behavioral health care support for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Get to know our team below, and learn how each can support you and your family.

Meet Our Team of child therapists

Janet Kahn-Scolaro, LCSWR, PhD,

Vice President, Behavioral Health

Jennifer Weber, PsyD, EdM, SM,

Director of Behavioral Health

Nicole Mavrides, MD, FAPA,

Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Alexa Brown, LCSW,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ahuva Edelstein, NP,

Psychopharmacology Nurse Practitioner

Yael Eisenberg, NP, MSN,

Psychopharmacology Nurse Practitioner

Sejuti Mahjabin, LCSW,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Danielle McCauley, LCSW,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Catherine McHugh, MD,

Psychopharmacology MD

Karen Owen, PsyD,


Jennifer Petras, MD,

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Michelle Rodriguez, LCSW,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Maeling Ruiz, LMHC, CASAC,

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Elizabeth Sabolboro, LMSW,

Licensed Master Social Worker

Ciandra St. Kitts, LCSW,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meet our team of parent coaches & sleep consultants

Caryn Azemoun, PCC,

Parent Coach

Alison Bevan,

Sleep Consultant

Melissa Buceti, LBA, BCaBA,

Parent Coach

Christina Gantcher, MSc,

Sleep Consultant

Erin Taylor, MACP,

Parent Coach

Elizabeth Wegner, LCPC,

Parent Coach

How We’ll Work Together

Our team works alongside you to understand your needs, connect you to the right provider, address insurance issues, and navigate the care journey. Throughout that journey, you may receive support from licensed social workers, pediatric therapists, child psychologists, or child psychiatrists who are trained to address a wide range of behavioral health concerns. We encourage open communication and collaboration with your family, pediatrician, and school; if needed.

Together, we can keep children healthy, happy, and thriving.

Questions before you get started?

If you or a family member needs behavioral and mental care support, but have questions about where to get started, please call us at 516-738-5600 or email us. We are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm to answer your questions.

How it works: a 3-step process

1. Schedule

Schedule a virtual introductory appointment with a team member. You’ll be asked for credit card information when you book, but won’t be charged until your visit.

2. Share

Fill out a behavioral health appointment form to help help us better get to know you and your child.

3. Meet & Treat

We’ll talk about you and your child’s needs, come up with a personalized treatment plan, and connect you with a provider who can best meet you/your family’s needs.