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ADHD Evaluation

Now Available in Florida, New Jersey, and New York

It may be time to consider an ADHD Evaluation if you or your child is not consistently performing to their potential and/or if behavioral problems interfere with daily life.

Our team of licensed experts helps families with comprehensive ADHD evaluations for children, teens, and young adults ages 5-26. The evaluations are led by pediatric behavioral health specialists, providing the foundation needed to establish a successful intervention plan.

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How can an ADHD evaluation help?

  • Results may be used to develop educational and/or behavioral intervention plans with your school and health care providers. 
  • For young adult patients, this information can also help with planning to manage symptoms that interfere with professional growth.
  • Empower parents to make informed decisions in the short term, as well as plan for your child’s future success.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 10-minute complimentary info session to talk through your concerns and review the evaluation process and fees.

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Behavioral Health Care for Children and Young Adults

Evaluation Process

Led by a licensed pediatric behavioral and mental health specialist.

Step 1: Informational Session

10-minute complimentary session to review the evaluation process & fees and discuss patient eligibility.

Step 2: Intake Assessment & Evaluation

Discuss current and historical academic, behavioral, and physical health concerns.

Additionally, you, your child, and their teacher (as applicable) will complete behavioral assessments.

Step 3: Results & Recommendations

Discuss results and recommendations for next steps with the therapist.

Provided written report will include clinical, educational, and/or work recommendations​.


  • – This evaluation is a self-pay, out-of-network offering, which requires payment via credit card.
  • – The informational session is complimentary; you will not be billed until after the intake assessment & evaluation.
  • – A $1,200 fee includes the full evaluation and final written report, and may be paid in two installments ($800 + $400).

Signs of ADHD to look out for:

  • Consistent difficulty focusing​
  • Inability to complete projects, especially without constant reminders​
  • Difficulty remaining physically still, even unable to sit through a meal​
  • Frequent disorganization
  • Impulsive responses
  • Frustration as a first response or reaction

Concerned that your child may have ADHD, but not sure if a comprehensive evaluation is needed? Schedule a 10-minute complimentary info session to talk through your concerns and learn how we can best support you and your family. 

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Meet the Team

At PM Pediatric Care, we know how long families often wait to confirm suspicions of ADHD. Our dedicated team of pediatric behavioral health experts provides an evaluation that expedites that process, giving families a definitive understanding of whether ADHD is related to their child’s struggles.

janet scolaro

Janet Kahn-Scolaro, PhD, LCSWR,

Vice President, Behavioral Health

headshot of Dr. Jennifer Weber

Jennifer Weber, PsyD, EdM, SM,

Director of Behavioral Health

Nicole Mavrides, MD, FAPA,

Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

  • We’re here to support the families who turn to us, and take great pride in offering recommendations for how to best support children in reaching their full potential.”
    Dr. Jennifer Weber, Program Director
  • Finally, we found the right fit for our family. This was more than an evaluation or yet another appointment, it is a better way forward for our child.”
    Parent of Adolescent Patient
  • We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with a team that takes a whole-child approach, understands our children’s needs, and makes the evaluation process easier.”
    Patient Parent

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The patient and family will receive a formal written report, developed by a therapist and reviewed by an MD.

    • Provides documentation of diagnoses that may be used to request school and/or work accommodations.
    • Can be shared with school and health care team to develop educational plans (kindergarten through college) and/or a behavior intervention plan with your family.
    • Young adults can use the report to develop ways to manage symptoms that might be interfering with professional growth.

    We will work with patient and/or family to identify further support if needed, which may include:

    • Psychiatric evaluation 
    • Referral to further testing
    • Behavioral treatment at PM Pediatric Care
    • Parent coaching 
    • Referral to outside behavioral health provider

    The report is provided to the patient and family through web-based portal to utilize as they see fit for school or work purposes.

    Currently, we offer ADHD Evaluations to patients residing in Florida, New Jersey, and New York, and are working to expand the program to other states.

    Our ADHD Evaluation takes on average, four weeks to complete. From the first informational session to when the completed report is reviewed, we pride ourselves on delivering compassionate care in an effective way that is convenient for your family.

    Looking for treatment​ for ADHD or other behavioral and mental health concerns?

    Our team of therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and certified coaches are trained to address a wide range of behavioral health concerns for children, teens, and young adults including, but not limited to: school and social anxiety, depression, ADHD and other behavioral disorders, family stress, grief, and PTSD.