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Our Story

Everything we do is with children in mind. We understand that children have different needs than adults, and need to be cared for accordingly.

PM Pediatric Care came to life in 2005, when Dr. Jeffrey Schor and Steven Katz — college roommates who went on to pursue careers in medicine and business — wanted to create an alternative to the emergency department and a friendly environment designed exclusively for children and young adults. Since then, PM Pediatric Care has expanded across the country with the mission to improve healthcare access, quality, and service. To date, we have seen over 4 million patients, treating everything from asthma attacks to sports injuries. In addition to pediatric urgent care, we offer urgent care telemedicine and behavioral health teletherapy. PM Pediatric Care also offers care in schools via our PM School Health program, partnering with schools to help students stay healthy and succeed. We work closely with your primary care provider to make sure they are aware of the care you received. By providing convenient and specialized medical care to children and families, PM Pediatric Care moves closer every day towards our goal of revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered to children and young adults.