About Us

    Our Story

    Everything we do is with children in mind. We understand that children have different needs than adults, and need to be cared for accordingly.

    The seeds for PM Pediatric Care were planted years ago when co-founders Dr. Jeffrey Schor and Steven Katz were undergraduate roommates studying medicine and business. Years later, growing from frustration and disillusion with the healthcare system, the vision for PM Pediatric Care took root when the two joined forces with a shared entrepreneurial passion for making a significant impact in the way acute medical care is delivered to children.

    Over the years, many families in Jeffrey’s community sought his care in order to avoid a trip to the emergency department. Steven’s entrepreneurial success coupled with Jeffrey’s innovative ideas for healthcare delivery systems provided fertile ground for that “aha” moment: “Maybe we can work together to form a business that can really make an impact on healthcare services for children.” In 2005, PM Pediatric Care opened the doors to its first location in Syosset, New York.