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Behavioral and mental health services

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We’re proud to accept Aetna, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst and Point Comfort behavioral health insurance coverage in New York, and are actively working towards becoming a participating provider with other insurance companies. We also participate in the MultiPlan network, which may give you access to contracted providers at a discounted rate.

Our competitive self-pay option is submittable to out-of-network plans*:

  • When booking an appointment, you will be asked to provide a credit card.
  • Our team will provide receipts and can assist in the process of submission to your insurance company and/ or HSA account.
  • We encourage you to check with your insurance provider to understand if behavioral health is eligible for coverage through reimbursement.

Questions? Call 888-764-4161 and select Option 3 to reach our billing department.

*Not available for parent and sleep coaching

**CPT codes can be provided to your insurance company to determine out-of-network benefits.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours may be subject to full cost of service.

Fees reflect the “Prompt Pay Discount”
CPT Code**
Initial evaluation:
Individual and family therapy:
$150-$250 (based on complexity and length of visit)
Medication management with psychiatrist, pediatrician, or nurse practitioner:
$200-$500 (based on complexity and length of visit)
99203-99205 (first visit) | 99213-99215 (follow-up visit)
Group therapy:
Sleep or parent coaching:
$150 (initial visit) | $150 (60-minute follow-up visit) | $75 (30-minute follow-up visit)
0591T (first visit) | 0592T (follow-up visit)

Submit a claim to your insurance for reimbursement in 3 easy steps:


Look for your superbill.

A superbill is a detailed receipt that shows exactly what kind of treatment was received and how much you paid. After each visit, a superbill is published to your patient portal.


Submit the superbill to your insurance provider.

Usually, you can submit the superbill by logging into your insurance providers website and searching for ‘submit a claim’. If you are unsure of how to do this, we encourage you to follow up with your insurance provider directly, as each insurance provider may have a different way to do this.


Receive your reimbursement payment.

Once your claim has been processed, you will receive an explanation of benefits that will show exactly how much of your visit fees your insurance provider is reimbursing. Your reimbursement payment delivery is dependent on how you’ve set up your payment preferences with your insurance provider.

Behavioral Health: Now Participating in MultiPlan

We are pleased to announce that our behavioral health services now participate in the MultiPlan network, which may give you access to contracted providers at a discounted rate.

How it works:

• During your appointment, you will need to provide your commercial insurance information.

• After your appointment, we will submit a bill to your commercial insurance company.

• When your insurance company returns the paid claim to us, we will assess if there is any additional cost to you. The difference between their reimbursement and our prompt pay rate is your out-of-pocket charge. If there is a remaining balance, we will bill your credit card on file.

• Due to varying insurance contracts, we will not know the remaining balance until after submission. The maximum out-of-pocket fee that you will owe is our established prompt pay discount rate.

look for multiplan logo on your commercial insurance card

Visit our main Behavioral Health page to learn more about how we can support the mental health of you and your family.

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