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Urgent Care

From strep to stitches, our urgent care teams deliver top quality, evidence-based care, serving as your neighborhood pediatric alternative to the emergency department.

a doctor listening to a child's heart with a stethoscope while the child sits on father's lap

We’re not your average urgent care.

Urgent care is designed to help families access immediate care when they need it. At PM Pediatric Urgent Care, we’re your convenient alternative to the emergency department without the time-consuming or costly trip to the hospital. We’re also a convenient addition to your pediatrician’s office when necessary.  

Everything we do at PM Pediatric Urgent Care is designed specifically for babies, children, and young adults. From special low-dose radiation X-Rays and pediatric equipment to our kid-friendly design and board-certified, pediatric-trained experts, we treat young patients more safely and effectively than the average adult-oriented urgent care.

High fives and smiles included!   

Pediatric expertise is important

Most traditional urgent cares treat a variety of conditions for patients of all ages. However, young patients require a unique clinical and developmental understanding of their small, growing bodies. Seeking care with a dedicated pediatric team can help to avoid the risk of misdiagnosis or the need for repeat visits. 

We’ve seen it all – no concern is too small!

Wondering if you should bring in your kiddo to check out that swollen toe? Think there might be a bead in their ear? A pea up their nose? Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all—and we’re always happy to help. 

Booking ahead saves time

While we gladly accept walk-in patients, our online booking feature allows you to select a check-in time and be placed in our queue, so you can reduce your in-office wait with your little one.  Please note that these times are not appointments, but we do make every effort to see patients as close to their check-in time as possible. 

Our Services

Our PM Pediatric Urgent Care team is here to provide your family with top-notch, compassionate, convenient pediatric care. We gladly offer a comprehensive array of services, including viral testing, stitches, and X-rays. Learn more below.

  • We can help with the simple – or the complex:

    • Fevers
    • Cold, Flu, COVID-19, & viral infections
    • Bacterial infections
    • Pink eye
    • Rashes, dermatitis
    • Vomiting & diarrhea
    • Sore throats & earaches
  • We're your alternative to the emergency room, providing care for:

    • Broken bones, sprains
    • Acute injuries, cuts, burns
    • Wounds that require stitches
    • Foreign objects in noses, ears, etc.
    • Concussions
    • Dehydration that requires IV fluids
  • Offering the most comprehensive care, including:

    • X-rays
    • Splinting
    • Labs, including testing for infections, strep, flu, and more
    • Stitches, wound care
    • Oxygen, nebulizer treatments
    • IV fluids
    • EKG testing

Learn more and check out our Urgent Care FAQs here.