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Medication Management & Psychiatry Services

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Our psychopharmacology team provides medication evaluations and medication management when needed.

Our experienced team of child and adolescent psychiatrists and medication management providers will create a personalized plan for you/your child’s needs. They collaborate with your therapy team and pediatrician to ensure you/your child gets the mental health support you/they need.

This can be incorporated within our behavioral health program or in conjunction with your pediatrician or other mental health professionals.


We do everything we can to keep pricing reasonable and affordable for every family.

  • We accept Aetna, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst, and Point Comfort in New York and are actively working to secure more insurance contracts.
  • If we do not take your insurance you can submit a claim to your insurance provider for reimbursement – the process is simple and we can help. Visit our insurance page for more information.

*CPT codes can be provided to your insurance company to determine out-of-network benefits.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours may be subject to full cost of service.

Fees reflect the “Prompt Pay Discount”
CPT Code*
Initial evaluation:
Individual and family therapy:
$150-$250 (based on complexity and length of visit)
Medication management with psychiatrist, pediatrician, or nurse practitioner:
$200-$500 (based on complexity and length of visit)
99203-99205 (first visit) | 99213-99215 (follow-up visit)

Behavioral Health: Now Participating in MultiPlan

We are pleased to announce that our behavioral health services now participate in the MultiPlan network, which may give you access to contracted providers at a discounted rate.

How it works:

• During your appointment, you will need to provide your commercial insurance information.

• After your appointment, we will submit a bill to your commercial insurance company.

• When your insurance company returns the paid claim to us, we will assess if there is any additional cost to you. The difference between their reimbursement and our prompt pay rate is your out-of-pocket charge. If there is a remaining balance, we will bill your credit card on file.

• Due to varying insurance contracts, we will not know the remaining balance until after submission. The maximum out-of-pocket fee that you will owe is our established prompt pay discount rate.

look for multiplan logo on your commercial insurance card
  • We started [my daughter] on an anti-anxiety med and I got my daughter back! She was better able to cope with her anxiety and started to spend more time with her friends and family and have less anxiety all around.”
  • Finally, we found the right fit for our family. This was more than an evaluation or yet another appointment, it is a better way forward for our child.”
  • We were able to address anxiety, PTSD, sensory and developmental issues, and parenting support, as well as make a plan for what comes next.”
  • We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with a team that takes a whole-child approach, understands our children’s needs, and makes the evaluation process easier.”

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    Frequently asked questions

    1. Convenient and customized therapy by an experienced group of licensed child and young adult therapists.
    2. Medication management by a psychopharmacology team consisting of psychiatrists, pediatricians, and nurse practitioners.
    3. Parent coaching by certified parent coach specialists.
    4. Sleep consultations by certified sleep experts.

    Learn more here.

    Our team is trained to address a wide range of behavioral health concerns for children and young adults (ages 5-26) including, but not limited to:

    • School and social anxiety
    • Depression
    • ADHD and behavioral disorders
    • Family stress
    • Grief, loss, and trauma
    • PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
    • ODD (Oppositional-Defiant Disorder)
    • Gender dysphoria

    Currently, there is no wait to be seen, though this is not always guaranteed.

    In-person appointments are available at our PM Pediatric Care locations in Manhasset (NY), North Babylon (NY), and Coral Springs (FL). For more information call (888) 764-4161.

    We offer the flexibility of telehealth appointments to patients in the states of Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

    We develop an individualized plan for every patient that receives our services. We are proud to say that more than 80% of our patients with anxiety and depression report improvement typically in the first three months of care.