Parent & Sleep Coaching

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    This is a 15 minute complimentary appointment with one of our parent coaches.

    At PM Pediatric Care we understand that parenting is a journey that does not come with a manual.

    Our Parenting Coaches and Certified Sleep Consultants are available to help support you and your family. The services are available for families with children and young adults ages 0-26.

    Our certified parent coaches aim to help parents navigate challenges with their children and gain clarity by building even stronger connections at every stage of growth and development.

    In sessions, our team will address your parenting concerns while addressing the individual needs of your child(ren). Our individual approach strives to understand your family’s needs, preferences, and culture to offer realistic and personalized support for your parenting concerns. We can guide parents through tantrums, behavior concerns, family changes, parenting kids with autism, parenting kids with ADHD and many more! Our parent coaches can guide parents of infants through young adults.

    Our certified sleep coaches provide consultations which include a comprehensive assessment of your child's sleep needs and challenges, an individualized plan to get you closer to a good night's sleep, and support as you navigate the process. Sleep coaching is effective for all ages: from infants through young adults.

    Click here to schedule a 15 minute complimentary appointment with one of our parent coaches. To learn more about Parent Coaching or Sleep Consultations, please call 516-268-6086 or fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly.

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    The first 15 minute appointment is complimentary and then fees will apply.

    Initial Sleep Coaching:
    $150 for 60-minute session
    Follow Up Sleep Coaching:
    $75 for 30-minute session
    2 Sessions Bundle (initial and follow up, includes two 15-minute check ins):
    4 Sessions Bundle (initial and three follow ups with four 15-minute check ins):

    Initial Parent Coaching:
    $150 for a 60-minute session
    4 Session Bundle:


    The PM Behavioral Health team of coaches is composed of expert Parent Coaches and Certified Sleep Consultants. They work individually with families or in conjunction with our Behavioral Health Care Managers and other experts in guiding your family towards a more joyful and purposeful family life.

    Parent Coach

    A parent coach is a professional trained in child development and behavior. They work with parents to teach them tips and techniques to improve confidence and satisfaction in parenting.

    Sleep Specialist

    A sleep specialist is a provider who has received specialized training and certification in techniques to improve how infants, children, and adolescents sleep. They are trained to identify and remediate problematic behaviors and habits that interfere with a child’s sleep.

    Caryn Azemoun 

    Caryn Azemoun is the Director of Coaching for PM Pediatrics Behavioral Health. She is responsible for providing a program of support for parents as they navigate their parenting journey. Caryn is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF-PCC), Certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Parenting with Insight. She uses her skills as a coach, her knowledge of parenting, her degrees in psychology and sociology and her passion as a mom, to support parents as they find their best selves within their family.

    Christina Gantcher 

    Christina was trained by Kim West, The Sleep Lady®, in her Gentle Sleep Coach program which is the first and most extensive professional sleep coaching certification program available. In 2011 she founded Good Night Sleep Coaching, helping support families with children of all ages to promote healthy sleep. Christina has also served as a consultant for several major telehealth platforms providing pediatric sleep advice and held workshops for various companies, educational and community groups.

    Christina's educational background includes a B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts and an M.Sc. in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology from University College London. She is a mother of two boys and lives in New York City with her husband, Mike Gantcher.

    Alison Bevan 

    As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Alison is dedicated to offering families the guidance and support they need to have a well-rested family. She is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Happiest Baby Educator, a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and the founder of Sleepytime Coach, Sleep Solutions for Babies and Children. Alison has been consulting for pediatric practices and tele-health platforms for over a decade and is a frequent guest speaker and contributing author for numerous organizations and publications dedicated to family health and wellness. Consultations include a complete assessment of your child’s sleep needs and sleep challenges, a step-by-step plan for implementing change, and follow-up support to guide you throughout the process. Whether you’re a new parent or the parent of an older child that's struggling with sleep, Alison looks forward to helping you solve their sleep problems and improve your family’s quality of life.


    How does coaching differ from therapy? 

    Parent coaching differs from therapy in that coaches meet with the parent(s) only, rather than the parent and child. While therapy assesses the past, parent coaching is forward-thinking, setting goals with a positive psyche. It provides a gentle, non-judgmental, and empowering environment, championing parents highest aspirations for themselves, their children, and their families towards a more joyful and purposeful family life.

    What are the ages for coaching? 

    Coaching is provided to parents of infants through young adults.

    How long will treatment last? 

    Typically, parents start out with 2-4 sessions for coaching.

    What are the fees for parent coaching? 

    Sleep consultations: $150 for a one-hour initial sessions; 30-minute follow-up sessions are available for $75.

    Parent coaching session: $150

    Parent coaching discount packages available, 4 sessions for $400.

    What are the credentials of the providers on your team? 

    We are proud that our entire team is composed of experienced, skilled providers who have dedicated their careers to kids, teens, and young adults. Please read above.