We’re here for your family, wherever you need us.

    Our Services

    PM Behavioral Health@Work virtually connects you and your family members with one of our licensed mental health experts. We’re committed to short wait times and convenient access, while providing clarity and open communication to get you the customized support that you and your family may need. Our licensed therapists will meet with you or your family member to assess the individual’s needs, and then provide a personalized plan of care. We’re here to help you and your family thrive.

    We work with children, teens, and adults with non-emergency* mental health conditions. Our evidence-based services address a wide range of needs, including specialized support for:

    Ages 5+:
      • Anxiety
      • Gender identity
      • Depression
      • ADD/ADHD
      • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
      • PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
      • ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)
      • Conduct Disorder
      • School Avoidance
      • Family Issues
      • Grief Support
      • Sleep Coaching
    Ages 0+:
      • Sleep Coaching
      • Parental Skill Coaching (to help you best support your child)

    *In case of emergency: If you’re concerned that you, or someone you know, may be suicidal, a harm to themselves or to others, or they are exhibiting uncontrollable behavior, we recommend bringing them to your closest Emergency Department, call the 988 Suicide Crisis Lifeline, or dial 911.

    Our Approach:

    • We know that getting access to quality mental health care for you and your family is important but not always easy, so we aim to simplify the process and create a clear-cut path to feeling better faster.
    • We are focused on the care of the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral. With our longstanding primary care connections, we take a 360 degree, evidence-based approach to each patient’s wellness, whether that’s at home, at school, and now at work – we are everywhere you’ll ever need us.

    How it works

    You will receive a unique link from your employer to get started.
    Virtually meet with one of our Behavioral Health Concierge Managers to discuss your needs in order for us to develop a plan for you or your dependent.
    Be matched with a care team for further evaluation and treatment with sustainable solutions to help you and your family feel your best.