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    Connect with a pediatric expert virtually.

    It’s never convenient when your child falls ill or gets injured. Now, you can get instant access to a compassionate pediatric expert through virtual visits. Download our app to use your smartphone or tablet, or log on using your computer browser. See one of our doctors when it’s convenient for you, as long as your child is present at the time of their visit.

    Pediatric Experts are available for virtual visits from 8am - Midnight

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    Prepare for your virtual visit with our real-time schedule.

    Please review the current estimated wait time* for your virtual visit. When a clinician is available, a notification will be sent to your computer or phone. If you do not respond, we will call you directly at the phone number you provided during the visit request. You may walk away from your computer or leave the mobile app if needed, but please keep your phone nearby.

    *Actual wait times can vary from the current wait time as these numbers are provided as an estimate only.

    Estimated wait times are available from 9am - 11pmPediatric Experts are available for virtual visits from 8am - MidnightWaiting times refreshing in: 60 seconds
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