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We have a responsibility to educate our communities, provide advanced training for our staff, and be thought leaders in our industry. Our webinars are a great way to stay on top of the latest research, trends, and best practices from the industry’s top experts.

Recent Webinar

When Saying No is Not Enough

If constant power struggles are affecting your relationship with your child or pre-teen, this workshop is for you! Erin Taylor, Parent Coach at PM Pediatric Care, shared valuable insights for parents of children in grades K-8 and tips to address a child’s underlying needs and resolve conflict in developmentally appropriate ways.

Erin is a PCI Certified Parent Coach, motivational speaker, host of the Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids podcast, author, and a mother of four teens. For the past 25 years, she has been helping parents understand, communicate, and connect better with their children, creating a more peaceful, pleasant and joyful home.

Recent Webinar

Helping Kids Build Character Through Sports

Calling all Coaches! PM Pediatric Care recently hosted a webinar for the CYO of Long Island about nurturing resilience in young athletes, recognizing signs of anxiety or depression, and communicating constructive feedback in a clear and age-appropriate manner. We explored strategies for actively involving and working together with parents, and how to keep the fun of sport alive in young athletes. Led by the Behavioral Health Director at PM Pediatric Care, Jennifer Weber, PsyD, this session set coaches and their youth teams up for a season filled with positivity, connection, and excellence!

Community Webinars

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Topics include:

The dangers of social media
Anxiety in children
Preparing your child (& yourself) for puberty
Parenting and ADHD
Bullying & cyberbullying
Seasonal patterns in children’s health
…and more!

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Check out the latest resources for parents and caregivers at our Know & Grow blog. Curated by Dr. Christina Johns, our Senior Medical Advisor and one of our very own pediatric emergency physicians, you’ll find the answers you need to help raise healthy, thriving kids.

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