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Video Games….GOOD for your Health?

This guest blog is brought to you by my wonderful colleague, Martin Strazynski, otherwise known as Marty the IT Guy

When I was a kid, I was told that too much video games was bad for my health. I understand the mindset behind the thought process: Too much zoning out from reality can distract from the important things in life….

But one thing that video games provides as an appeal to people from all walks of life, is an entertaining escape for a few minutes or hours which can transplant oneself to a completely different world.

The immersive nature of the medium has only gotten more robust as technology advances.

These technological strides have gotten the attention of scientists and researchers in the field of medicine.

They look to repurpose the entertainment medium to one of assistive rehabilitation by way of robotics, exoskeletons and virtual reality.

Achieving goals is the name of the game at the Michigan Medicine Inpatient Rehabilitation Computer Therapy Lab, where patients recovering from such challenges as stroke and spinal cord injuries are enthusiastically engaged in therapeutic gaming. The lab incorporates the therapeutic use of technology to help develop the necessary physical, cognitive, perceptual and visual skills to improve a patient’s level of function and independence.

Check out the video from Michigan Medicine:

Video Games Help Rehab Patients with Stroke and Spinal Cord Injuries


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