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A Red Eye Outta Nowhere!

Quick Monday morning clinic

Have you or your child ever randomly had a red ‪‎eye‬ that looks a bit like this guy’s? When there’s a collection of ‪blood‬ under the clear coating of the eye it’s called a ‪‎subconjunctival‬ ‪hemorrhage‬ (25 cent word). It can happen after a strong sneeze or big barf. You probably won’t feel it. Little blood vessels in the eye’s surface rupture & cause the red appearance.

It looks quite dramatic but goes away all on its own after a few days to a week.

No Rx required.

Note that the pupil & iris (colored part) of the eye are unaffected. If there’s blood in that chamber, it’s a whole ‘nother story. Make sure to get checked out to be sure the cause of your red eye is as simple as this, but in most cases, it looks more serious than it actually is.

Good news for your ‪Monday‬.

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