Your child’s mental health is our top priority. Get comprehensive, high-quality teletherapy, from diagnosis to treatment with our team of pediatric experts.

    Available in the following States:

    • Connecticut
    • Florida
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Pennsylvania


    How our program works

    Upon requesting an appointment, an intake session will be scheduled with a Behavioral Health Care Manager who will take information from you, your child, and health professionals who know your child best. The Behavioral Health Care Manager is a touchpoint for patients and families throughout the process, helping them navigate their mental health program. After a thorough evaluation at the intake appointment, your child will be matched with appropriate members of our team of experts––Licensed Therapists, Child Psychologists, and Social Workers. We also have Pediatricians with specialty training in medication, if needed, as well as Parent Coaches and Sleep Consultants.

    Please note at this time, PM Behavioral Health is currently only available in select states.

    Getting started

    Patients over 18: please follow the instructions. A parent/caregiver should complete the necessary forms for all children under 18.

    Your Behavioral Health Care Manager will work closely with you/your child to develop the best treatment plan, identify goals, and schedule the necessary visits. If medication is part of the treatment, your provider will discuss this with you and make the referral to our physicians.

    PM Behavioral Health is available in select states at this time.

    • Request an appointment and fill out a Behavioral Health Appointment Form, to make a 40-minute appointment with a behavioral health specialist.
    • At the initial intake appointment, our behavioral health specialist will discuss your or your child’s needs, design a treatment plan that best fits those needs, and initiate therapy. If there are any conditions we cannot treat, we will provide a referral to a community resource to help you/your child find the care needed.
    • After completing this initial appointment, you/your child will be matched with a care team for ongoing further evaluation and treatment.

    Questions before you get started?

    If you would like to refer a patient, please call us at 516-738-5600 or contact us.

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