PM Pediatric Care At Your Child's School

    PM Pediatric Care, the nation’s largest provider of specialized Pediatric Health Care, now offers School Health at your child’s school.

    For questions please call 516-207-7955 or fill out this form.


    1You enroll your child(ren) on our Enrollment and Consent page.
    2Your child visits the school health office or counseling office. The school-appointed staff member determines if a virtual exam is needed.
    3The school-appointed staff member will confirm that your child is enrolled, and consent has been provided.
    4If your child is enrolled, the school-appointed staff member initiates a virtual visit with a PM School Health specialist to examine your child by video.
    5If your child is under 12 years of age, you will be called on the phone number you provided to join the visit.
    6You will receive a visit summary by secure email or text.
    7If a prescription is needed, It will be sent electronically to your pharmacy for your convenience.
    8A PM School Health specialist will contact you for a follow-up, if needed.