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Crisis Consultation and Intervention Services

School Health Program

We partner with schools to offer on-demand crisis consultations, evaluations, and referrals for identified students.

Identifying immediate support for your student in crisis can be challenging. Minimize their wait and additional trauma, and ensure a follow-up plan is in place by partnering with our Crisis Consultation and Intervention Service.

Ways we can help:

  • Immediate access to assessment, intervention, and follow-up care
  • Support for students experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, or other behavioral & mental health concerns
  • Identify which students need a higher level of care
  • Decrease student absences and support their safe return to the classroom
  • Foster collaboration between the school, family, pediatrician, and behavioral health providers
  • Lower emergency department usage for behavioral health concerns


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How we can help: real-world examples


A 10-year-old student was acting out and demonstrating aggressive behavior toward other students. The school staff referred the student to PM Pediatric Care’s school health team, and she was seen the same day by a PM school health therapist for a crisis evaluation and safety assessment.

Discovery + Response

The student’s behavior was found to be a coping mechanism driven by underlying stressors due to her mother’s unfortunate illness.

Student was enrolled in PM Pediatric Care’s therapy program to support stressors surrounding the mother’s illness and help the child in coping with her feelings and loss of control.


Student is equipped to control anger and outbursts, and the school reports that the student’s behavior and attitude has improved significantly, reducing disruptions in class.


A 12-year-old student was evaluated by the school psychologist after reporting to have seen a woman on the classroom ceiling. The psychologist believed the student was not in immediate danger and referred them to the PM Pediatric Care school crisis team for further assessment.

Discovery + Response

After confirming the student was not in imminent danger or experiencing psychotic behaviors, the PM school therapist determined that the hallucination was a result of academic and school-related stress.

Student enrolled in eight sessions with a PM school therapist to work on managing anxiety surrounding school stressors.


The hallucination episodes stopped after one therapy session.

After two months of sessions, the student returned to baseline behavior and personality.

  • [PM Pediatric Care] has enabled us to help so many of our scholars both in crisis and in need of extra emotional support. They have been nothing short of wonderful and fast-acting, and have made it convenient, comfortable, and realistic for our families to achieve the help they need without fear of being placed on a waitlist or turned away.
    –Elizabeth Rosche, Guidance Counselor, Brentwood North Middle School

PM Pediatric Care School Health

We are committed to improving equitable healthcare access and promoting an optimal learning experience for students​. Through our School Health program, we offer telehealth, on-site services, and an integrated in-school model, all of which are customizable to meet the needs of your student population.

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