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Rearview shot of a young woman and her daughter having a conversation on the porch

Talking to Kids About Tragic Events

Unfortunately, our kids are growing up in a world in which brutality and violence happen far too often. We see tragic events on local and international news; our newsfeeds are frequently peppered with headlines about death and destruction. Being exposed to traumatic atrocities inevitably has an effect on our mental and physical health, and undoubtedly that of our children. How do we support them through dealing with tragedy? How do we guide them in finding positivity and courage in spite of terror? How can we make sure that we ourselves don’t become numb to horrible events that happen both in our country and around the globe, and how do we make sure that our children don’t become numb either?

Talk, Talk, Talk, …and Listen

Talking to kids about a tragic event isn’t easy, but it’s so important. Express your thoughts, worries, and feelings. Encourage your children to do the same; listen and reflect together when they do. Some important tips and topics to cover:

While these conversations about tragic events are very crucial, it is also important to keep up normal life routines. We must continue to move forward and not live in fear.

What Else Can I Do?

Hug your kids tight today and always.