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Office Visits with a Remote Provider: The Best of Telehealth and In-Person Care

At PM Pediatric Care, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve our practice and provide our young patients and their families with the most convenient and effective care. This is how the Office Visit with Remote Provider (OVRP) initiative started, combining the convenience of telehealth with the reassurance of in-office care. I’m excited to tell you all about it!

What is an Office Visit with a Remote Provider?

There are lots of benefits to telehealth. Most folks in the medical community are thrilled that remote healthcare options have grown and improved significantly in the last few years. It can expedite and streamline care, making it more accessible and convenient for both patients and providers. However, the limitations of telehealth are undeniable. There is only so much that a physician can do in certain cases without being able to physically examine the patient.

To provide our patients with the best of both in-person care and telemedicine, my colleagues at PM Pediatric Urgent Care have started the Office Visit with Remote Provider (OVRP) program.

How Does It Work?

  1. Registration: upon arrival, you’ll complete the registration process at the front desk. Our friendly staff will assist you in this initial step and guide you to an examination room.
  2. In-person intake process: once in the exam room, a dedicated medical assistant or nurse will collect your or your child’s vital signs to have the necessary information for a comprehensive assessment of your child’s health.
  3. Discussion with in-person staff: based on your child’s specific needs, our in-person staff will determine whether a remote pediatric visit is the right option for you. They will provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the process.
  4. Connection to remote pediatric provider: if a remote visit is deemed appropriate, we will seamlessly connect you to a pediatric provider using a mobile device. This virtual connection allows you to interact with a qualified healthcare professional from the comfort of our office.
  5. Assistance from in-office staff: throughout the remote visit, our in-office staff will be readily available to assist you. Whether you have technical questions or need additional support, we are here to ensure a smooth and positive experience. They will also be able to perform any x-rays or further diagnostic testing if necessary.
  6. Prescription and school/work notes: if prescriptions are necessary, our office staff will send them electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. Additionally, they can provide school or work notes as needed to support your child’s academic or professional requirements.

When is an Office Visit with a Remote Provider Used?

Many common concerns can be addressed in an OVRP setting. Our office staff is trained in recognizing specific instances where a telehealth provider would be a great option for a patient. For instance, the following are all conditions that can find appropriate treatment in OVRP:

Even minor arm and leg injuries can qualify! Unlike with regular telemedicine, the patient also has access to in-office x-ray technology and knowledgeable staff who can help the remote provider diagnose and administer treatment.

The goal of Office Visits with a Remote Provider at PM Pediatric Urgent Care offices is to get our patients access to expert medical treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is to get them in and help them get healthy and on with their lives with minimal interruption. Our program aims to reduce wait times without sacrificing quality of care. It combines the convenience of telemedicine with the security of in-office care, offering a unique approach to pediatric healthcare.

From strep throat to stitches, we’re here for your family – wherever you are! Click here to find a PM Pediatric Urgent Care near you. Not near to an office? Get care with telemedicine, available in 15 states.