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It all started with one.

One Million Visits.

Pretty great, huh? We couldn’t be prouder, more excited and grateful, or more inspired to move ahead towards the next million. We’ve grown and learned and prospered. A big thank you to all of our patients and families who put their trust in us to give their children the best possible pediatric urgent care in the land. One million visits is a lot of patient care, but at the end of the day it really comes down to…. ONE.

PM Pediatrics Founders Jeffrey Schor and Steven Katz

PM Pediatrics Founders Jeffrey Schor & Steven Katz, Freshman year at Amherst College

ONE doctor-

who was convinced that there was a better, more efficient way to deliver most acute care for kids in a child-friendly environment.

ONE healthcare businessman-

who felt the same way and knew the business of medicine. Friends since college, they partnered together and poured in brainpower, time and hard work.

ONE team.

ONE mission: to revolutionize the way acute medical care is delivered to kids and to ensure that children receive superior quality healthcare when they need it, close by.

They opened ONE urgent care and started treating kids.

Male doctor holding a baby


And now, eleven and a half years later, we are 19 offices strong and expanding quickly.

We’re there right before the stroke of midnight for that very last little ONE who spikes a fever after going to bed. We’re there on a bright fall afternoon for that athletic ONE who takes a spill on the soccer field. We’re there for everyONE who gets the flu, all at the same time, in the middle of winter. Over the years all those ONES have been added on, ONE by ONE. Xray machines installed, prescriptions written, new sites opened, more people hired to achieve our ONE goal. Some elements of the operation are still numbered in tens; some in hundreds of thousands.

But you probably know most of this already—you’ve seen it firsthand and have been with us every step of the way.

Thank you for that. What you may not know is that we are an organization that values ONE on ONE relationships with each other; where who you are is as important as what you do.


I’m the new kid on the block at PM Pediatrics, and yet somehow I feel like I’ve known everyONE for 30 years. Pretty special. And Rare. ONE of a kind, in fact.
smiling doctors at a table

Along the way we’ve made a million kids feel better, and yet we really are ONE big family that refuses to forget that it all started with——– ONE.

Congratulations, team. #PMPedsLife forever!



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