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Hello to You from Me

Hello to you from me!

Pretty excited to share my inaugural blog entry as senior medical advisor for PM Pediatrics! I hope we’re going to share a cool journey, filled with interesting science from the world of pediatric medicine, hilarious parenting moments (endless supply from my own kitchen), sweet kid stories, and my very best effort at providing some sharp commentary about it all.

I’m a working mom. I work. I mom. I work at mom’ing. There are many days when it’s easier to handle 25+ ill and injured children rather than my own two.  Luke is 10 and Gemma Rose is eight. Categorical refusal to try new foods, endless travel soccer and nonintuitive math homework (anyone else with me here?) are woven into my every day of chest X-rays, lab results, and working diagnoses. Often at the end of it all, not only do I feel like I haven’t gotten anything right in the parenting department, I haven’t even come close. I’m not gonna pretend like I always (ok fine, even sometimes) have my act together.

My medical training is in both general pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. I mostly take care of kids when they’re sick or have gotten hurt, and they really do make the most amazing patients. They tell it like it is—the good, bad and ugly. I use words like “snot” and “booger” in a highly professional way. It’s a privilege to help sort out their problems and a real responsibility to stay current on the best ways to do so. Urgent/emergency care of children is never dull (she stuck WHAT in WHERE?), ever-changing (based on exciting new research), and nearly always rewarding (you can mostly fix ‘em).

So let’s figure out together where we’re headed and how we get there. Let’s make it a place where we laugh a lot, learn much, and are absolutely authentic. I want us to feel at the end of the day that we’ve advocated for children (and each other) in our strongest and very best way.

Nice to meet you.