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Night Lite Pediatrics / Pediatrix Urgent Care is now PM Pediatric Urgent Care!

a doctor listening to a child's heart with a stethoscope while the child sits on father's lap in a pediatric urgent care setting
Night Lite Pediatrics, also known as Pediatrix Urgent Care, is now PM Pediatric Urgent Care!

Same great care and friendly faces, now backed by the nation’s leading pediatric urgent care brand.

Night Lite Pediatrics, also known as Pediatrix Urgent Care, is proud to now be PM Pediatric Urgent Care, part of the PM Pediatric Care family. Offering 10 locations in the Orlando, Jacksonville, Melbourne, and Port St. Lucie areas, as well as more than 80 locations nationwide, we’re here to provide top-notch, evidence-based pediatric urgent care.

Open late nights and weekends, we remain your convenient alternative to the emergency department without the time-consuming or costly trip to the hospital.  

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What We Treat

From strep to stitches, we offer comprehensive care, including viral testing and pediatric X-ray! 

  • Bandage to be used at pediatric urgent care

    Stitches, Sprain, and Fracture Care

  • Skin condition to be treated in pediatric urgent care setting

    Rashes & Skin Conditions

  • Image representing seasonal allergies in pediatric urgent care patients

    Seasonal Allergies

  • Fever & Flu

  • Vomiting & Diarrhea

  • Viral testing for flu, step, COVID-19 and more

  • Eye & Ear Infections

  • Cold and Cough

  • And much more…

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  • We were the last patient of the night and [the doctor] treated my 4yo with such sweetness. She called this morning to follow up and check in on him. I highly recommend this facility.
    Danielle  - Parent
  • Our visit to this urgent care was quick and efficient. We were in and out in about half an hour, and the doctor was thorough and very nice. I appreciate their availability on nights and weekends.
    Marissa  - Parent
  • They are wonderful. I had to go here twice in one week, and they treated my child with a sense of urgency and compassion. I am thrilled to have this option for hours that my pediatrician is closed.
    Maddie  - Parent
  • Wow! They really understand kids and are very friendly and clean. My son wasn’t scared or sad to be at the doctor, which is rare. I can’t say enough good things about this place.
    Ashley  - Parent
  • Finally, we found the right fit for our family. This was more than an evaluation or yet another appointment, it is a better way forward for our child.
  • We were able to address anxiety, PTSD, sensory and developmental issues, and parenting support, as well as make a plan for what comes next.