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It’s back to school time again!

It’s back to school time again! So much preparation goes into ensuring that students have a smooth transition back to the classroom. It can be both exciting and exhausting for parents, teachers, and students alike. Below are some ways to make the transition easier for everyone.

We know that educators have a laundry list of things to do before the start of the year in order to best support students’ social and emotional wellness. Integrating practices that foster social-emotional wellness into daily classroom routines can increase your student’s academic achievement, emotional and behavioral regulation, and most importantly their ability to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Here are a few simple social-emotional practices for your daily classroom routine:

By integrating the strategies above into your classroom, you will be supporting students’ ability to appropriately adjust to the new school year, while also setting them up for long-term success. Children (and adults) with strong social emotional skills demonstrate self-control, communicate well, problem-solve, are empathetic, kind, grateful, and optimistic. If children feel safe, connected and cared for, they can focus on learning.

And remember – consistency is key! To reap the full benefits of incorporating the strategies listed above, make them a part of your daily classroom routines.

Classroom Tip of the Month

Start the year off by devoting a full class period to fun icebreaker activities. Invite students to share one thing about themselves. Ask other students to raise their hands if they share that in common with the speaker. Tell the speaker to choose one of the people with their hand raised to share the next fact about themselves. Take the first turn and play too! Then, arrange for a creative activity that allows students to express themselves and tell the class about who they are. The products of this task could be displayed in your classroom, giving students a feeling of ownership and presence within the space.

Resource Corner

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