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    We are medical and behavioral health professionals who are passionate about pediatric care.

    At PM Pediatric Care, we provide the highest quality care in a welcoming, child-friendly environment. Our employees deliver impeccable customer service and treat our patients like family.

    We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team as we continue to expand and open new locations. With inclusivity at our core, we look for people who are motivated, energetic, fun, passionate about pediatric healthcare, and share our values. From immediate injury and illness treatment to long-term behavioral support, we believe children deserve convenient access to high-quality, pediatric care, right in the communities where they live. Join us in our mission for compassionate healthcare.

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    Developing our employees’ careers is an investment for them personally and for the future of our organization.

    We value our team members and encourage their professional growth and career mobility throughout the company. We keep them motivated, challenged, engaged, and up-to-date on cutting-edge technology and best practices in their field. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Clinical Support Staff Training: Educational training that focuses on clinical training, medicine delivery, efficiency tips, back- and front-of-office skills, lab training, and more.

    Clinical Simulation Training: We host staff drill simulations of emergency situations, in order to build each individual’s and team’s rapid-response skills and confidence in case of an in-office emergency.

    Office Manager Leadership Training: A comprehensive training for new and emerging leaders who want to be an office manager.

    Education Series: An ongoing educational series of webinars, as well as internal- and external-facing workshops, procedure training, guest lecturers, and more.

    Management Roles

    Over the years, PM Pediatric Care has promoted countless employees into management positions. We are committed to giving our employees the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their careers within the company, ensuring a stable, long-term career with us.

    Working Groups

    To keep our people and our company thriving, we provide many avenues for our team members to get involved. Employee-driven working groups are an important piece of the collaborative, team-oriented environment at PM Pediatric Care ensuring that we are always working to get better together.

    Supplemental Roles (Lead Roles, Education, etc.)

    At PM Pediatric Care, we welcome our employees’ desires to grow professionally and occasionally step beyond their normal day-to-day roles. They can expand their roles by helping their managers as clinical leads, supporting education, quality, wellness, and research initiatives throughout the country.

    Clinical Training Programs / Learning & Development

    PM Pediatric Care is a company that values education, and therefore our employees have the chance to participate in many educational opportunities. Though some courses are mandatory, there are various topics to explore through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. If eligible, there are opportunities for further education through reimbursement of CME or CE and a tuition reimbursement program.