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Your child’s mental health is our top priority

We believe in the health of the whole child or young adult—from physical to emotional to behavioral, and every space in between. Our team of licensed pediatric experts offers a uniquely collaborative and compassionate approach to address the increased need for focused behavioral and mental health care support for children and young adults.

Our behavioral health program offers a wide range of care, from infancy to age 26, that focuses on the overall wellness of both the patient and family.

How we can help


Our team of pediatric therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians are trained to address a wide range of behavioral health concerns for children and young adults, including, but not limited to: school and social anxiety, depression, ADHD & behavioral disorders, grief, and trauma.

Available in CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA

Medication Management & Psychiatric Services

Child and adolescent psychiatrists and medication management providers will create a personalized plan for you/your child’s needs. They collaborate with your therapy team and pediatrician to ensure you/your child gets the mental health support you/they need.

Available in CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA

Parent & Sleep Coaching

Coaches and certified sleep consultants help navigate challenges with your child at every stage of growth and development, from infancy to young adulthood. Our individualized approach strives to understand your family’s unique needs to offer realistic and personalized support.

Available in all 50 states

How We’ll Work Together

We provide the same high level of specialized pediatric and young adult, evidence-based treatment found in our urgent cares, to the behavioral and mental health needs of our patients.

Our team will work alongside you to understand your family’s unique needs and schedule, connect you to the right provider, and navigate the care journey.

Together, we can keep children healthy, happy, and thriving.

What people are saying about PM Pediatric Care

  • We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with a team that takes a whole-child approach, understands our children’s needs, and makes the evaluation process easier.”
  • We were able to address anxiety, PTSD, sensory and developmental issues, and parenting support, as well as make a plan for what comes next.”
  • Finally, we found the right fit for our family. This was more than an evaluation or yet another appointment, it is a better way forward for our child.”
  • We started [my daughter] on an anti-anxiety med and I got my daughter back! She was better able to cope with her anxiety and started to spend more time with her friends and family and have less anxiety all around.”

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    Meet our leadership team

    janet scolaro

    Janet Kahn-Scolaro, LCSWR, PhD,

    Vice President of Behavioral Health

    headshot of Dr. Jennifer Weber

    Jennifer Weber, PsyD, EdM, SM,

    Director of Behavioral Health

    Nicole Mavrides, MD, FAPA,

    Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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