About Us

    Professional Partnerships

    Our focus is on every aspect of your child’s mind and body.

    From urgent care pediatricians, to child psychologists and behavioral therapists, to social workers and school staff, our team is your team, whenever and wherever you need us.


    In an effort to optimize learning, PM Pediatric Care and schools are partnering up to address student physical and mental health needs together.

    We know a student’s wellness plays a key part in their ability to learn. That’s why PM Pediatric Care is partnering with school nurses, school counselors and social workers to help support student’s physical and mental wellness. Our programs, led by pediatric experts, work together with schools to help:

      • Maximize learning and academic achievement
      • Reduce health-related absences
      • Improve disciplinary issues and suspension rates
      • Intervene early and address Behavioral Health concerns

    For administrators, please visit our PM School Administrators page.

    For parents, please visit our PM Pediatric Care At Your Child's School page.